Demir Logistics

"The King Only One"


​​We are a Turkish company based on virtual trucking.With our 3 years of
success and experience, we knowhow important activity, respect and love are
and wepresent this in our team in the best way possible.Because we do not
have inactive people in the team,we are trying to provide the best
environment, not just because of the number. We take steps to do the best in
what we do.Instead of being the people who fight or use people for
themselves,we want our name to be revealed under our success.For this, we
have a successful Management Team and Demir Company who fulfill their
duties paying attention to their responsibilities.

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Management Team
Convoy Control


Demir Logistics CC Team

Exprienced Convoy Control Team

Daha Fazla

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Skin Mods

For single player drivers, you can play with the company trucks prepared by Demir Logistics for the single player mod.

Experienced Management Team

Demir Logistics management Team is always working to improve themselves and to be beneficial for the company. Our management staff are qualified people in this regard.

Active Drivers

More important than the number of drivers, is the activity. We do not host inactive drivers in our company.

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If there is no sincerity in an environment, it is not a good place. In Demir Logistics You can catch up and establish a friendship very comfortably.

You are contacting us in this virtual logistic, which is in constant communication by join today.

“The King Only One”