As Demir Logistics, we have been together with many players since 2017 and we started counting the days to celebrate our 5th anniversary. In our nearly 5 year adventure, we have accomplished countless works in the best way possible. We have never disturbed the fun and friendship that was our aim on the first day we established our company, and we tried to follow the correct line as much as possible. After leaving behind a long 5 years, we have improved our entire infrastructure and carried ourselves forward with the latest systems in order to serve each person better. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us since the first day of our company's establishment. To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we will be with you on July 24, 2022 with an excellent convoy. We are waiting for you in this perfect convoy, we wish you a good time.

Event Information

Date: 24 July 2022 (Sunday)
Meetup: 17.00 UTC
Departure: 18.30 UTC
Start Location: Dortmund (City + Quarry)
Destination: Lyon (Quarry)
DLC: No DLC Required
Server: Demir Logistics 5th Year Convoy
Route: Click Here

If you are planning to participate in the convoy, do not forget to indicate that you will participate via the TruckersMP event page: Click Here


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Slot Booking

There is no option to choose a slot, we will give your slot according to the your participants.